Seniors Celebrate Promset


Kaylani Rodrigues

Seniors gather on Valley’s football field to watch the sunset as a class for the last time. Senior Sunset is a tradition done every year to end the school year.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Reporter

Class of 2021 celebrated their last year of high school with Prom and Senior Sunset on May 15th.

Senior Sunset kicked off the evening at around 7:30 PM. Students gathered on the bleachers and the football field to watch the sunset with their friends. The sunset was the perfect background for plenty of photos that will be a memory of an eventful night.

After the sun had set, students gathered in the cafeteria for Prom. This year’s prom theme was Cloud 21. The Student Council worked hard on decorating the cafeteria to make it resemble the sky and the prom’s cloud theme. There were also many props and decorations for photo ops that seniors took advantage of.

Isabel Hurtado and CJ (Christopher) Robinson are 2021’s Prom King and Queen. (Kaylani Rodrigues)

This year’s prom featured some of this year’s most popular songs, such as “Heartless” by the Weekend and “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion amongst others.

Toward the end of the night, CJ (Christopher) Robinson and Isabel Hurtado were crowned Prom King and Queen. They both received their crowns and sashes before posing for pictures.

Seniors got to dance, relax, and enjoy that special night with friends. Senior Prom 2021 will definitely be a prom to remember.