SOT Holds Final Meeting


Quinn Pedrick

Members and audience from the final School Organizational Team meeting of the year conversing at the end of the meeting prior to a school tour.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s School Organizational Team held their last meeting of the school year in the library as their first in-person meeting to discuss the grading reform, explain principal interviews, and celebrate the members.

After the usual role call, public comment period, approval of the last meeting’s minutes, and a brief teacher update, Principal Ramona Esparza led the discussion of the district-wide grading reform conversation occurring in every school. The majority of the discussion consisted of administration and teacher opinions on how students should be graded and the value of letter grades.

With Esparza retiring, there is a need to hire a new principal for the 21-22 school year, and the SOT is involved in the making of that decision. Candidates will be brought to the SOT where they will conduct their own interviews based on what they are looking for in the new principal, and they will give their recommendations to Superintendent Jesus Jara who will make the final decision. Students can give their input on what they would like the SOT to look for in the interviews here.

After all business had been handled, awards consisting of a certificate and Valley swag were given to each member of the SOT. Esparza gave each certificate out with a few kind words. Those awarded were Chair Christina Nguyen, Vice Chair Vince Bognot, teacher representative and minutes-taker Stanley Willis, staff representative Debra Brewster, and parent representatives Rachel Wohnhaus, Dawn Hicks, and Becky Davis.

“As your principal,” Esparza said, “being a part of an amazing community has been a pleasure as well as being around you all to make Valley a better place.”