Track Seniors Close Out Season


Quinn Pedrick

Track seniors standing center field after being recognized for their achievements as senior athletes.

Quinn Pedrick, Managing Editor

Valley’s track team held their last home meet on May 14th, closing out the regular season and bringing an end to the seniors’ high school track careers.

The meet was the last of the season before regionals on May 21st, and every student put in work competing in regional qualifying events.

“For the boys, senior Koskani Montoya won the 800 meter run, senior Steven Gallardo performed well with two second place finishes in the long and triple jumps, and freshman Tarrell Mack-Lovely impressed with a second place finish in the 200 meter dash,” track Coach James Desalvo said. “For the girls, Yatziry Urrutia won the 800 meter run and the 3200 meter run, Raffa Gano won the 1600 meter run, and Elizabeth Mahavong took second place in the 100 meter dash.”

Senior Naomi Reyes shaking hands with Coach James Desalvo at the last track meet of the season and of her and the other seniors’ high school careers. Quinn Pedrick

Desalvo would tell his students to continue working hard in everything they do while continuously improving, and while sports is a good test for those traits, applying it to the rest of their lives will lead them to success.

“My thoughts while running my last high school race at Valley was how much I’m going to miss it,” senior Naomi Reyes said. “I love everything about my team, especially having Coach Segura guide us through our running career. It was nice to have someone as supportive as him throughout my three years of running at Valley…. If anyone is considering joining cross country, I’d say go for it! It’s such an amazing experience and one of the best sports to join at Valley. It’s worth your time and effort!”