Smith Bids Bittersweet Goodbye


Kelly Pedrick

Former Valley Assistant Principal and current Chaparral Principal Thomas Smith gives a bittersweet goodbye to the students at Valley. His time at Valley ran shorter than he would have liked, but he will bring his efforts and mission to his new school.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

Former Assistant Principal Thomas Smith has been promoted to the position of Principal at Chaparral High School effective as of July 30th.

Smith spent six years as an administrator at Valley. He has done a lot of work with the students and staff to better their experience of learning and teaching. While he considers Valley dear to him, the new Chaparral Principal hopes to carry on the work he’s done at Valley into his new role.

“The mission remains the same,” Smith said. “Everything I’ve done at Valley I want to see as the Principal, the leader of the school. I need to learn from the staff and students to carry on the vision. I want everyone to say it was pretty cool going to school and that the school was good for them; that’s what I want to carry on.”

After putting a lot of pride and work into goals he has for Valley, Smith finds it bittersweet to say goodbye to a home he had more to give to, yet he is up to the challenge of devoting his efforts to a new student body.

“The first thing I want to really do is increase the overall experience that the students have at Chaparral with the athletics, the activities, the yearbook, and so on,” Smith said. “I want to increase that overall experience that is a part of high school.”

Smith aspired to do everything he could for the students at Valley, and he planned to do so much more if he had more time. He is proud of the work that he has done for the students, and even though he is leaving his position at Valley, he wants to remind students that he is only an email away. Smith has some parting words for the students at Valley he worked for every day.

“I want them to achieve whatever they shall desire, be advocates for themselves, and go forward and finish what they’ve started,” Smith said. “I want them to know that I will miss them.”