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Valhalla Co-Editor-in-Chief Liliana Lopez stands outside of the front office. Lopez has had a love for photography for years, and she is prepared to take on a role of leadership to pursue her passion.

Lopez Captures Good Moments

Senior Liliana Lopez has a passionate heart for photography that led her to pursue a path in publications in her four years of high school.

Lopez became part of publications at Valley when she was a freshman. She always took an interest in photography, which led her to be part of the team of students to create the yearbook.

“My inspiration [for photography] is my mom,” Lopez said. “She really likes to capture the moment, she takes photos, and she wants to make sure that she remembers that [moment]. I want to do the same. I want to capture the good memories and the beautiful moments we live in this life.”

Lopez aims to capture the good moments in life and focus on more of the good than the bad moments with her photos and her contribution to publications.

“It is worth it to see your work in person…and [see] that it shows a lot of people that we’re more than just a school; we’re more than just a community,” Lopez said.

Lopez plans to continue her passion for photography after she graduates high school, but for her final year, she wants to make the best yearbook possible.

“I am so sad [to leave Valley],” Lopez said. “I just want to make the best book possible. I want to show people what I can do, what I’m capable of and…I feel like I have more to experience at school. I have more to show what the school is really about, but I will do my best to make this the best book possible.”

For her final year, she leaves some advice for students who wish to pursue their passion or for students who want to be part of publications.

“I feel like seeing the [yearbook] and coming to the end of the year truly motivates you to do better the next year,” Lopez said. “You should never give up just because something is too hard. I feel like you should take it as a challenge. You can do this…even though it can be hard.”

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