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Valhalla Co-Editor-in-Chief Melody Juarez stands outside the front office. Juarez has a passion for capturing beautiful moments through a camera lens, and she is anxious yet excited to work alongside her friends to lead and create the 2021-2022 yearbook.

Juarez Makes Masterpiece out of Memories as Editor-in-Chief

“Valhalla,” Valley’s Yearbook, has three Editor-in-Chiefs for the 2021-22 school year, one of which is senior Melody Juarez.

Juarez has been a part of the “Valhalla” staff since her freshman year, and going into her final year at Valley as Co-Editor invites her to make her mark and contribute to “Valhalla” in ways she hasn’t been able to in previous years.

“I feel like [being an editor] gives me a sense of leadership, and it gives me a way to show everyone what I’ve learned [as a staff member],” Juarez said. “It gives me a chance to show those coming into yearbook staff how to create the yearbook when it’s their turn.”

Juarez faces a different level of responsibility and new challenges for her final year at Valley. Part of her new position is to mentor and teach new members of the staff, a trial she is ready to rise to.

Juarez feels like being a part of the “Valhalla” staff has both interfered and helped with her ability to have a genuine high school experience.

“You’re stuck working instead of enjoying what you’re photographing,” Juarez said. “You’re stuck behind a camera, so you’re limited to what you can do, but…I’m part of three editors, so we get to switch off at events, and we all enjoy each other’s company, which helps.”

Going to events, sports, or celebrations and watching everything through a camera lens means Juarez doesn’t always have the possibility of actively participating in school events, but she also gets to change and shift obligations with her fellow staff members. Juarez has passion and joy for capturing the moments around her, making her uniquely suited to being Editor-in-Chief.

“I really enjoy taking pictures and sharing people’s stories, so being part of [the yearbook staff] allows me to do that on a daily basis,” Juarez said. “I do photography on the side as well, [and] I actually have an Instagram account [where] I show people what I take pictures of.”

Incorporating her hobby into her academic life, Juarez has the best of both worlds. After multiple years of participating in and curating “Valhalla,” she learned how to balance work and fun. Juarez is fully equipped to enter the next year of leading the yearbook staff, looking forward to new challenges in her life.

“My favorite thing to photograph is people in the moment; you get to see how people have fun and get along with each other,” Juarez said. “You get to see the emotion they put into their lives, which I think is a beautiful thing to capture.”

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