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Valhalla Co-Editor-in-Chief Alessandra Alvarez stands outside the school front office. Alvarez incorporated photography into her high school career in hopes of making a future out of it, though she has found it better as a hobby that has taught her many life skills.

Alessandra Photographs Her Farewell

Alessandra Alvarez starts her senior year as one of three Editors-in-Chief for Valley’s yearbook, “Valhalla.”

Alvarez has been a part of the yearbook staff since she was a freshman. She sought out a way to incorporate her passion for photography into her high school career.

“It just so happened that Ms. Stater [the previous yearbook teacher] was my homeroom teacher on the first day of high school,” Alvarez said. “In middle school I wanted to be a photographer, so I thought if I asked her to join yearbook it’d be a perfect opportunity to try out photography and grow my skills.”

Alvarez has pondered about making a lifestyle out of photography since her middle school years. Although she originally joined yearbook to prepare herself for her future career, she might choose to go in a different direction after graduation.

“[A photography career] is something that I think about often, considering I am a senior this year and I need to have a plan for when I graduate,” Alvarez said. “I would like to pursue it, but for now I think it may be best if photography is just a hobby.”

Aside from taking photos and creating her own spreads and pages in the yearbook, Alvarez is appointed with plenty of other responsibilities. She intends to be seen as a mentor for any students who join “Valhalla’s” staff this year.

“I have to help the other publication students,” Alvarez said. “Guide them, teach them things I know about photography and graphic design. I also check their spreads, to make sure everything looks good on the pages they’re working on. And, I let them know what upcoming events there are so we can get people to go take photos.”

Since it’ll be the last one she helps to create during high school, Alvarez has high expectations for the yearbook. She hopes it can be something that students, including herself, can look back on and reminisce about.

“I just want it to be something we’re all proud of,” Alvarez said. “I want the cover to be something that is attention grabbing and nice to look at. As for the inside, I want it to be filled with beautiful photos that depict this year, like how students feel to be back after such a long time.”

Alvarez knows that meeting her expectations for this year’s edition will be a team effort. She will be working with her friends and Co-Editors-in-Chief Liliana Lopez and Melody Juarez to put out the best version of the 2021-2022 yearbook possible.

“I am so excited to be working with two other editors in chief,” Alvarez said. “We work so well together as a team. When we put our heads together there’s just so much creativity and ideas for the book. That’s the benefit, we’re gonna make sure this year’s book is something we’re proud of.”

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