Valley Welcomes New Principal


Quinn Pedrick

Principal Kim Perry-Carter speaking to incoming freshmen at Freshmen Orientation prior to the start of the school year. She welcomed the freshmen with whom she will be sharing her first year at Valley.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

To start off the new school year, Valley introduces new Principal Kim Perry-Carter.

After former Principal Ramona Esparza retired, the need for a new principal was prominent, and less than two weeks prior to the start of the year, Perry-Carter was instated as the new principal. While she has not had much time at the school, she has met plenty of students in the halls and observed the life of Valley.

“It’s been an enjoyable whirlwind getting to know everyone and the campus,” Perry-Carter said. “It’s nice to be back with students since it’s been so long since I’ve been on campus with students. I love [how the halls are] bright and inviting with posters from Student Council that draws your eyes in, and I think about how there’s a great atmosphere for student engagement. It makes you want to read the signs to know what’s going on…and want to know more. I am pleased with students and conversations; they are receptive and helpful.”

With a new principal at the start of the year, it calls for a changing of the guard in terms of school procedures, and the student body is hoping for a smooth transition.

“As Student Body President, I hope [Perry-Carter] is interactive with students,” Christina Nguyen said. “I want her to be really engaged. I know she has a lot of responsibilities as principal, but I hope she will find the time in her day to set aside to dedicate to students because at the end of the day, all administrators, teachers, and principals are all here for the students, so I hope she finds time to dedicate to us.”

Perry-Carter was a magnet student herself, and she has also had two of her own children attend Valley through the IB program.

“Having two kids who went to Valley gave me the parent perspective of understanding how the student coming home feels,” Perry-Carter said. “How prepared they were when they left Valley helps me to know how to support teachers and students…. When a kid walks into the doors at Valley…and walks across the stage at graduation…, they are prepared for life and more opportunities.”

While the new principal aspires to accomplish many things for Valley, she finds communication and feedback to be the most fundamental part of success for the school and individuals.

“Oftentimes, adults see things one way, but talking to students lets them see it a different way because [students] are doing the work, so ideas from students help drive increases in achievement,” Perry-Carter said. “It is vital to the world.”