Raiders Provide Valley With New Helmets


Quinn Pedrick

Valley’s football team holds their new helmets with a retired Raider after a greeting and initial reveal.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

New helmets were provided for Valley’s football team by the Las Vegas Raiders on August 9th to start off the season.

The Raiders are heavily involved in the youth athletics in Las Vegas, providing funding and equipment for multiple schools around the valley, and Valley was chosen to receive new helmets for the previous season that was canceled due to school closures. With an official season starting with the first game at Mojave on August 20th, the athletes were given the helmets prior to the season, much to their surprise.

“We expected normal practice,” Running Back Davion Duncan said. “We were trying to get ready for [the first game of the season on] Friday, and we just saw a Raiders’ van pull up…. We thought they were just going to talk to us; then, out of nowhere, they pulled out the helmets.”

Head Football Coach Quincy Burts accepts the helmets given by the Las Vegas Raiders. Valley athletes were greeted by a former Raider and Raiders’ staff during their regular practice to receive new, specially designed helmets. (Quinn Pedrick)

Head Football Coach Quincy Burts was able to design the helmet for the team, and he hopes the upgrade will impact the team’s drive for the season.

“I think it will be a positive effect [for the play of the season] to be out there with new helmets,” Burts said. “New is always a good thing, who doesn’t like new things?”

With new helmets and support from the local professional football team, the team hopes to have a great start to their season. Duncan said he wanted to win the first game of the season to break a slump Valley has had for a long time, and new equipment will help light the fire.

“[We’re] very grateful for receiving the helmets, and we’re glad the Raiders came out and showed some love,” Quarterback Tyler Searcy said. “I think it motivates us more to know that we look good [as a] motivation to try to play the best we can with the helmets the Raiders provided for us.”