Parent Fall Athletics Meeting Provides Safety Information


Quinn Pedrick

Head Football Coach Quincy Burts gives introductions from the football staff for parents at the Fall sports informational meeting. There was a main meeting in the New Theater, but then students and their families broke out into smaller groups specific to their sport.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

A fall athletics parent informational meeting was held on Monday, August 16th for Valley administration and coaches to address safety precautions for the season.

Student Success Coordinator Bryan Flake led the mass discussion including information mainly focused on COVID-19 precautions. Parents must fill out activity consent forms to allow their child to participate in athletics. Unvaccinated athletes must receive COVID-19 testing every week to be eligible for play, and if a student is vaccinated, they must provide the school the records as proof to not be tested weekly. Athletes must talk to their coaches for information on testing location on campus and times due to the ever-changing directives.

COVID-19 testing or proof of vaccination as well as parental consent are required for an athlete to participate in any activities.

Cash transactions for game tickets are no longer allowed; if parents want to attend a game, they must go to Valley’s website in the Athletics section to find where to purchase tickets online. Proof of purchase will be required before entering the game.

After all parents and students were addressed in a general manner, the athletes’ families split into groups specific to the student’s fall sport. Fall sports include football, girls volleyball, tennis, cross country, and soccer, and each coach led the sport-specific discussions. Coaches provided information and paperwork in order for athletes to participate in the season’s practices and games as well as their own requirements and expectations.

“[Your coaches] are here for you,” Flake said. “They don’t have egos; they are here because they love you.”