Students Join Jobs for Nevada Graduates


Isabella Medina

Kimberly Ramirez, Mya Rodriguez and Giselle Valencia collaborate for one of their J4NG projects.

EV Thurgood, Features Editor

Jobs for Nevada Graduates (J4NG) started with renewed drive to continue working with old and new students in the 2021-22 school year.

Jobs for Nevada Graduates is both a class and an afterschool program, referred to as the career association, with the focus of helping students enter the workforce as well as being an active and helpful member of their community. Both the career association and the classes are separated into two programs, each one run by a separate teacher, with the after-school program being run by elected students within their respective program.

“The first program is run by Ms. [Kimberly] Gonzalez, and I am running the second program,” Jobs for Nevada Graduates Teacher Barbara Jeppsen said. “Each program has a president and then they have five vice presidents, so we have a vice president of service, a vice president of social awareness, a vice president of civic awareness, a vice president of leadership development [and career development]… and each vice president has their own committee.”

One of J4NG’s main cornerstones is a commitment to service within their community. The vice presidents of service, social awareness, civic awareness, leadership development, career development and their committees work together to decide where they could best help people in the world around them. This helps students become aware of what’s in their neighborhoods, so their main focal point of professional outreach becomes more attainable.

“We can provide things like giving them clothing vouchers for professional clothing for interviews, we can give them bus passes to go to their job if they don’t have a means of transportation right away.” Jeppsen said. “We even do food vouchers; we give them tons of resources for scholarship opportunities, job opportunities, and they just don’t get that anywhere else.”

With the dedication to assisting students to be ready to become part of working society, J4NG
helps students overcome personal and economic barriers. The group supports the individual’s needs and helps each person become the best professional version of themselves, but they also help students in their current classes.

Barbara Jeppsen works on new projects and opportunities for this year’s J4NG students. She hopes to have a successful year back in the physical classroom setting. (Isabella Medina)

“Next month, once we’re full into school and kids are getting homework and stuff like that, we do bring in a tutor once a week from Sylvan [Sylvan Learning Education Company, an organization that caters to personalized learning], and we have a Sylvan tutor come and sit in our classroom, for any student that needs help in any subject,” Jeppsen said. “So that’s another awesome thing that [J4NG] provides, because we get a professional tutor to come and help the students be successful in their schooling right now.”

Academic growth is crucial to professional growth, and J4NG assists and encourages students to be as successful in their scholastic endeavors as possible, regardless of what they decide to do after high school.

“[J4NG] is going to give [new students] all the resources that they need in order to be successful after high school,” Jeppsen said. “They are not going to get the resources that we provide in any other class, and [joining the class] will be a great decision.”