Student Council Presidents Discuss Ideas


Quinn Pedrick

Student council presidents from all CCSD schools come to Valley, which hosts the first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic. The meeting was mainly introductory, but the presidents discussed their plans for their student councils this year.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

Student Council presidents from schools across CCSD came to Valley for the first in-person presidential meeting since the start of the pandemic.

The councils that are a part of the Nevada Association of Student Councils send the student body president to come together for monthly meetings where they discuss ideas for their own schools and programs.

“One of the main purposes is to share ideas but also for communication purposes,” Student Body President Christina Nguyen said. “We usually have a really large email thread where we get monthly email threads from NASC to notify us about events and such, but in person interaction can never compare to an email…. The two purposes were idea sharing and communication.”

From hearing new ideas from across the district, Nguyen has new ideas for accommodating to COVID-19 restrictions for a proper homecoming dance. The goal is that, with an immediate start to fundraising, Valley can get a large outdoor tent to put on the football field where more than the indoor 250 people restriction can indulge in the high school tradition.

“The main thing I was able to take away [from the meeting] was how COVID really impacted most of us,” Nguyen said. “COVID-19 happened at the end of my sophomore year, and we missed out on an entire year of being on Student Council…. We were literally just sophomores one day, and now we’re Student Body Presidents the next day. The energy I felt as if we’re unprepared or underqualified was definitely prevalent in the room… I feel like [talking to other presidents] left an impact on me because I saw how I’m not the only one feeling this way.”