Valley Viking Scholars Recruits New Members


Jocelyn Incez

Edelin Cruz-Guzman (right) and Kandy Valencia Mejia (left) discuss general information about Valley Viking Scholars to promote recruitment. They were looking forward to recruiting new members.

Jocelyn Incez, Reporter

Valley Viking Scholars (VVS) recruits new members to prepare for the coming year.

The club members went around to different classes and presented the club to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Many of them are looking forward to having their club back in person and with fresh faces.

“[Having everyone on campus] feels great!” Adviser Lauren Engel said. “It’s great to have everybody back. The one board meeting we had was so nice to have everyone in person.”

Though the past year was all digital, Valley Viking Scholars members are looking forward to this year’s program continuing in person.

“The most important thing is getting our new members,” VVS President Edelin Cruz-Guzman said. “We want to get everyone involved and tell them what VVS is.”

Valley Viking Scholars members are planning to start advocating for applications by advertising that within an average week, the club helps students with classes, studying, and building a community.

“VVS is a community that helps each other and supports each other,” Cruz-Guzman said. “It will always have your back if you need help.”