School Organizational Team Discusses Student and Staff Concerns


Quinn Pedrick

The School Organizational Team holds their first meeting of the new school year. They discussed the concerns of students and staff involving COVID-19 and safety protocols.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

Valley’s School Organizational Team (SOT) held their first meeting of the school year where they addressed issues among students and staff.

After the meeting formalities, Student Representative and Chair Christina Nguyen led the discussion on the concerns of student leaders. A Google Form was sent to leaders of Student Council, Key Club, and more, and Nguyen compiled the responses to present to the team. Most of the concerns centered around a lack of communication revolving around safety and sports or other school-based information, lack of transparency with plans involving COVID-19 and the staffing issues, and unsuccessful in-person transitional skills for introducing students back into the physical classroom.

Nguyen’s suggestions for combating these student-proclaimed issues include providing a unifying message to the student body and their families, expecting the administration to give updates with issues still being sorted out, and a more relaxed attitude with students as they reintroduce themselves to the physical learning environment.

Following Nguyen, Vice Chair Sara Hupp addressed the concerns of the teachers and staff that focused on the administration communicating directly with teachers in general with an emphasis on teachers in stressful situations, such as overfilled classrooms and CC teachers taking over classes that their position is not designed for.

Principal Kim Perry-Carter explained the plan and situations for student and teacher concerns in response. To improve communication with students and their families, a monthly or weekly newsletter will be sent home through email. In accordance with Valley being understaffed in both teachers and administrators, she assured the SOT that interviews were being held and vacancies were slowly but surely being filled.

Many concerns are in the process of being resolved as the administration continues to organize issues throughout the school, and the next SOT meeting will be held September 7th in a hybrid style (meeting held in the library with a virtual option) where multiple topics will be readdressed.