Valley Transitions Back to In-Person Learning


Isabella Medina

Freshman Dayanara Caldera sits the cafeteria in the beginning weeks of Valley being back in school.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

After around a year and a half of virtual and hybrid learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s rise, schools in CCSD are transitioning back to in-person learning.

During the time in quarantine, learning was placed in distanced virtual learning, where everyone learned through a screen apart from peers and teachers, but now with COVID regulations slowly becoming less restrictive and allowing people to return back to school in person, it can be an unfamiliar transition compared to learning at home.

“[I feel] it’s the way it should be [being in person], while [I was] at home I had time to focus on myself and come back to school ready for in person [learning],” senior Eddy Quinn said.

The transition from out of the house and into a school environment is perhaps one of the biggest changes from learning, especially for those who are beginning high school for the first time.

“It feels different because the environment, with the new classes and its a change, but it’s a good change,” freshman Dayanara Caldera said.

With the installation of virtual learning and everyone social distancing, it limited interactions and socializing for safety when everyone went into quarantine, but now with the transition, students and staff are able to interact with each other, along with having precautions in place to ensure safety.

“I missed having group projects and interactions, and I feel more comfortable now being back in school itself,” sophomore Krizalid Pacheco said.

Now with the beginning of the year 2021-2022 starting, it’s a new start for a new school year, for both students and staff to get back to in-person learning at Valley, and it may take time for people to get used to the way school used to be before the pandemic struck.

“You can simply learn more, you can accomplish more in person,” English teacher Sean Evans said. “It’s hard right now, and it’s tiring and exhausting, but we’ll eventually get our legs back under us, and things will seem just like they were all along, and it’ll be better for everybody.”