Tennis Takes Home Court


Quinn Pedrick

Captain Mya Davis receives the serve by her Spring Valley opponent during the second match of the day on August 23rd.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

Playing their first home matches of the season, the tennis team played against Spring Valley on August 23rd.

The team had previously played two matches against Del Sol and Desert Pines. While scores were not high, each player played well for the tennis background experience they had.

“This is a very young team,” Head Coach Tuan Pham said. “We’re only coming to the season with one returner, and everyone else is brand new, so they definitely did the best they could. Everyone had a fun time, and we did out best against Spring Valley”

In practice before the next game on August 26th, the athletes will continue to improve their basic skills as well as begin to learn new strategies or tactics on the court.

Dylan Keene defends against his Spring Valley opponent during a singles match. (Quinn Pedrick)

“From a technical standpoint, my skill is at the par,” Dylan Keene said. “It’s my game plan and strategy that weren’t very good. I kept hitting toward the opponent instead of focusing on hitting away from them and making it harder for them to hit back.”

The game being at home provided both comfort and pressure for most players, Pham thought the overall performance of the team increased at home but Captain Mya Davis found it to be a bit more stressful.

“For me, it felt like there was more pressure because it was a home game, and the basic ideal is to win home games,” Captain Mya Davis said. “[The team] was pretty good for [one of] their first times [playing], and I’m just glad everyone got to play yesterday.”