Cheerleaders Participate in UCA Camp


Melissa Miller

Cheer team works with UCA staff to prepare for an after camp showcase. They celebrated after the showcase and award ceremony.

Amy Vasquez-Rivera, Reporter

Valley cheerleaders attended a UCA directed camp.

During a two day period on August 13-14, they brushed up on their skills in all different areas of cheerleading.

“I knew it was gonna be a long two days so I mentally prepared,” Co-Captain Gianluca Gasperin said.

Cheer camp was full of different areas Valley cheerleaders needed to work on; cheers, jumping, leadership, and stunting were the most important for them.

“I wish we could’ve worked longer on stunts,” co-captain Za’Marion King said. “All stunts in general, the baskets, the libs, and the ones we were flipping in.”

Endurance was also needed to perform these stunts and have energy to continue with the long camp days.

“I was tired and sore, but I was happy cause it means we got to do something valuable and something right,” King said.

They worked hard toward a showcase of all the skills they learned during camp that they would perform at the end of the camp day on Saturday.

“We were getting pushed to our limits,” Symia Dennis said. “It’s a good thing.”

For the end of the showcase, the cheerleaders had been working on a pyramid with an extension liberty but were unable to get it done and did a simpler version.

“We got tired and frustrated,” Coach Barbara Jeppsen said. “I wish we could still perform it.”

They held awards after the showcase, and the most anticipated was the ‘All-American’ award, which over half of the team tried out for only four members earned the award.

“I was surprised; I was shocked,” said Gasperin. “I’m very proud of myself, and it feels great.”

Cheer camp wasn’t only for learning new skills but also to grow a better relationship with each other.

“Cheer camp was a great way of team bonding,” Dalila Oliva said.

The cheer team grew in their skills and in their friendships and now have more knowledge to be able to cheer on the Vikings.

“Go Vikes!” King said.