Girls’ Varsity Soccer Scores at Tournament

Lisa Norris, Reporter

The varsity girls’ soccer tournament was held August 25th-28th, and the games took place at Spring Valley High School.

The girls faced four different teams, each from a different school. Nicholas Booker, their head coach, witnessed their plays and spoke on how the games went.

“It started off kind of rough, but we were able to pull things together,” Booker said. “We lost the first game, which was a seating game, and then we won the following three without being scored on.”

The team caught the attention of the audience with their teamwork. Despite being a new team at Valley, the girls weren’t afraid to show off their skills to score a goal.

“There was a play on defense where one of our freshmen, Quinn, got a header that led to our mid-field Litzy who set up a center pass for our other freshmen Diana to score a goal,” Booker said. “This was against Durango High School.”

The teams the girls played against included Clark, Crystal Ray, Durango, and Desert Pines High Schools. Though the team is working on ways to improve, they still cooperated to score a goal and worked together.

“The biggest challenge is communication because it’s a new team,” Booker said. “They’ve gotten better each game but they still have a lot of room to grow.”