DECA Welcomes New Members


Jocelyn Incez

An unnamed DECA student is currently working on a project about Liberty Retailers. Focused on her work, she is determined to do her best against the other topics.

Jocelyn Incez, Reporter

DECA, or Distributive Education Clubs of America, is recruiting new members and looking forward to getting them acquainted with their program.

DECA “prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe,” according to the DECA website. Club members of DECA have shown their promotional video in classes over the past week and are ready to proceed with their new members.

“[The best part of DECA is] seeing students excel in their studies and win scholarships,” Adviser Lisa Withrow said. “New members are introduced to competitions, conferences, and networking events. Exploring new things is what I ask of the new members.”

Due to the gap in time spent together physically with each other, members are glad to finally see their fellow DECA members for the first time.

“It feels great to have everyone back on campus and interact, even if it’s not physically,” Melanie Garcia said. “It’s still better than the online meetings.”

The members have a lot planned for the future of their club and getting back to before the lockdown. Both members and advisers are diligently working to uphold COVID-19 health precautions while keeping the club running. They hope to win in future competitions.

“DECA is known for their competitions,” Edelin Cruz-Guzman said. “Valley usually wins.”