Seniors Celebrate Crowning Glory



Melody Juarez sports her crown. She decorated her crown with a group of friends since the traditional decorating party was canceled this year due to COVID restrictions.

EV Thurgood, Features Editor

After four years of high school, Valley seniors received paper crowns from Burger King that they were invited to paint and decorate.

Most students turned their crowns into representations of themselves. Using their likes and dislikes, their favorite colors and patterns, the crowns are physical renditions of who students are and what the last four years have meant to them.

“I was excited because I feel like the senior crown is such a big deal,” Senior Melody Juarez said. “You look forward to [it] every year, so when I finally became a senior, it was a great experience. You get to decorate it and wear it at the actual senior sunrise.”

The crowns are used in two events, after school decorating and senior sunrise. Unfortunately, Valley’s tradition of having students decorate their crowns together, in the area nicknamed the horseshoe, was canceled.

“I was actually upset…” Juarez said, “Because I wasn’t sure if I was able to [decorate] it anymore, but then I got together with my friends and we had our own senior crown [decorating] after school in the cafeteria, because we had our own stuff, so we just decorated together.”

This year is different from what most people pictured it would look like, but Valley seniors have taken it all in stride. The crowns might be paper, but they’re also a celebration and a hallmark of scholastic achievement.

“I’ve been looking forward to [receiving this crown] since my freshman year,” Senior Liliana Lopez said. “I can’t wait to hang out with all my friends and take pictures. I feel like making these is a symbol of the triumphs and obstacles that I faced the last four years.”