“Vivo” Livens-Up Audiences

Isabella Medina, Reporter

“Vivo” is a movie that was created by Sony, it’s a really great movie with it’s animation and music.

With the release of “Vivo” in August 2021, it’s a cartoon musical starring Lin-Manuel Miranda as a music loving kinkajou named Vivo. Throughout the movie he has to go on a music-filled quest to deliver a love song for his human friend Andres with friends he finds along the way.

The movie is full of vibrant colors and high quality animation, Sony has been known for colorful and great quality animated movies, such as “Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse.” The movie reminded me of some movies I previously enjoyed, such as “Rio” and “Coco.” The animation is well-made, and it flows nicely on screen. Each clip is full of color that pops on the screen, which matches the musical theme in the movie; it’s a concert for the viewer.

Another factor in the movie I highly enjoyed was the music. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Alex Lacamoire composed the songs for “Vivo”; the duo also worked together for Broadway hits like “In the Heights” and “Hamilton.” Additionally, Miranda made well-known songs in musicals like Disney’s “Moana” and “Mary Poppins Returns.” He has a high talent and reputation in music for contributing and composing to the music in popular media.

For those who love musicals, or movies involving Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work, I feel that this is a wonderful animated movie for anyone and everyone in the family. The movie is also on Netflix as well for people to watch in the comfort of their home or whenever they have free time. It’s a great movie to check out.