Seniors Start Year With Sunrise


Isabella Medina

Seniors interact with each other on the football field as the sun rises during Senior Sunrise.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

On Friday, September 3rd, Valley hosted a Senior Sunrise for Valley’s class of 2022 to celebrate being a senior.

Senior Sunrise is a Valley High School tradition for seniors to celebrate the new school year and the fact that they have finally reached their senior year. Senior sunrise is early in the year while senior sunset will wind down the year in May.

“The best part was being with my friends and being able to share that moment with them,” Senior Jennifer Aguilar said.

The sun begins to rise over the mountains during Senior Sunrise on September 3rd. (Isabella Medina)

During the event, seniors were invited to the football field to hang out with their friends and watch the sun come up. Student Council created frames for students to take pictures and make memories for their final year in high school with their other senior friends. Seniors were also given a crown to decorate and use during the sunrise to represent each student’s uniqueness.

“The best part was being with my friends and just enjoying the sunrise,” Senior Jennifer Penaloza said. “I liked the senior sunrise, it was early, but it also felt calm and just joyful.”

The event was very early in the day, beginning around 5:30 in the morning and ending as soon as school began to watch the sunrise over Valley and make a memorable event for the students participating.

“I enjoyed it, and I thought it was a fun contribution to my senior year,” Senior AJ Quintana said. “It was a nice surprise to see it on my little schedule [due to COVID-19]… and be like, okay, that’s something I can do.”