Soccer Reflects on Loss


Quinn Pedrick

Everardo Amezcua (6) kicks the ball toward the Mojave net facing four blockers while Coach Christian Alvarez watches from the sidelines.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

The junior varsity and varsity soccer teams played against Mojave on Thursday, September 2nd, ending in two losses with room for growth.

The JV game ended 5-0, and the varsity game was 3-2, their forward, Amosi Pascal, securing two points. Coach Christian Alvarez claims that both the JV and varsity games did not result in victories due to both teams losing their starting goalies. The JV team had a player who typically plays on the field in the net, and varsity had their back-up in who did not have as much game experience.

“[It was] the first game, we were nervous, [and] we didn’t play our game,” varsity mid-field player Santiago Martinez said. “We weren’t confident going on the field, [and it was] just simple mistakes [that led to the loss].”

Martinez finds that communication isn’t varsity’s greatest fault but not performing under the pressure of opponents was the cause for the loss as well as the nerves of their first home game of the season. JV Captain Eliseo Fernandez Duarte finds that his team’s loss came from a lack of chemistry.

“[In] practice, we’re scrimmaging against each other and getting to know each other more so we can get comfortable and talk more [on the field],” Fernandez Duarte said.

While both teams lost their respective games, they evaluated the reasons behind the losses and are utilizing the information in their practices to prepare for their next games.

“We love the fans who came out to support us for our Under the Lights game,” Alvarez said. “We look forward to seeing them back there [on] October 1st as we have our senior night.”