Evans Values Student Connections


Jocelyn Incez

Sean Evans discusses the class’ current content with students. Evans has been known to discuss in depth topics with his students.

Jocelyn Incez, Reporter

Sean Evans, the 12th grade honors English teacher, is dedicated to Valley and his students.

The best part of teaching for Evans is the children he meets and is able to connect with through his classes. Every student brings something new to the table, and Evans enjoys the challenge of learning how each class works.

“It’s fun getting to know the kids each year,” Evans said. “Every hour it’s something new, something fresh, and a new challenge.”

Putting his students first when it comes to their learning and classroom community has a lasting effect. His actions stick with his students as they grow and change throughout their high school journeys.

“I think every single student on this earth needs a teacher like Mr. Evans,” AJ Quintana Jr. said. “To have a teacher [like him] is invaluable.”

When it comes to teaching, Evans presents ideas and topics to the class that he enjoys. He knows what it’s like to not enjoy school and aims to fix that within his class.

“When teachers are teaching things that they don’t enjoy, the kids are going to be bored because the teacher is bored,” Evans said. “I find [topics] that I find interesting [so that the kids] will be interested in it [as well].”

His teaching style is recognized by old and new students across the years. The passion he puts into the classroom never goes unnoticed.

“The best part of being in Evans’s class is how easy the environment always is,” Raul Cortez said. “You could be having a bad day and it would switch up because of the energy he puts into the class and the way the students respond.”

Even with students who may be difficult, Evans never gives up and continues to try to help them. Some students need an extra push in class for them to get better, and Evans is there to give that push.

“[Working with difficult students] is frustrating, but you can’t fault the kids because more often than not, it’s not their fault,” Evans said. “Teaching is… a hard job, but [you should] know that it is really rewarding; watching [students] learn and grow is worth it.”

For Evans, teaching is about the children and how he connects with them; being a teacher is something that makes his life rewarding. Students of his have nothing but good things to say about him, his classes, and his teaching style. Everything they say is a reflection of his hard work and dedication.

“I think a lot of students would benefit from having him as a teacher,” Cortez said. “His advice has helped me a long way, and he’s sort of like an older brother, [keeping] me pointed in the right [direction].”