Hair Care Results in Healthy Hair

Lisa Norris, Reporter

There are a bunch of different types of hair and textures, each needing a different routine of care. At the end of the day, hair maintenance is what matters.

Everyone has a different hair type, from straight hair, which is a 1A hair type to super tight curls like 4C hair. My hair type is 4c, the natural hair type that has very tight curls that are considered coils because of how tight they are.

The curls are in a zigzag pattern, which is hard to see because of how tightly knotted the hair is; it’s pretty, but the downfall about my hair is that it shrinks. People may have heard the term “shrinkage” being used when talking about natural hair.

This happens after I shower; once dried, my hair will shrink in size from being full and moisturized to me looking dry and like I have no hair at all, especially since I cut it.

Over the summer I watched a lot of “YouTube” videos regarding natural hair, I never learned how to do my own hair because my mom never knew how to do hers; she did the basic chunky braids on me when I was little, but now that I’m a teenager, I need styles that are more mature.

From watching these videos I learned about the history of my hair, protective styles, and how to care for my hair overall.

I won’t go in depth, but 4C hair is only complex because of all the care it needs to keep it soft to comb through and how much time it takes to style.

There’s a process like combining it out before washing, adding a hair mask once a week, hot oil treatments for the scalp, and daily moisturizing. This list can go on. I practiced these techniques and saw my hair grow a few inches; I even got a compliment from my mom when she saw me braiding.

My routine is simple for me not to get tired: I comb it out, use oil treatments or hair mask once a week, wash and deep condition, and moisturize.

Now for the question of “why did you cut your hair?” It’s simple, before learning how to take care of my hair, I was always on my own. I didn’t know I needed to deep condition, add a hair mask, or stretch it out after showering. Stretching the hair out is important because if I don’t and just try styling it, the hair will break.

In the end I cut it so it could grow back healthy because I had too much damaged hair. I also learned that TLC (tender loving care) is beneficial, like scalp massages because it helps to circulate blood cells, which can help with hair growth.

However, at the end of the day it’s all about trial and error; something that works for me might not work for others. Everyone must try it out and find what works best, no matter the hair type.