“Ateez” Leads Way for 4th Gen Groups


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Ateez, a K-pop boy band, plans to release their new album ZERO: FEVER, Part 3 Deja Vu on September 13th.

Sarah Mendoza, Reporter

“Ateez” is a South Korean boy group formed by KQ Entertainment. The boy group consists of eight members: Kim Hongjoong, Park Seonghwa, Jeong Yunho, Choi San, Song Mingi, Kang Yeosang, Wooyoung, and Choi Jongho. They debuted on October 24, 2018. Their fan base is called “Atiny.” What I like about “Ateez” is their music, and the symbolism within the music video.

“Ateez” tells a story within their songs, visuals, and performances. From the title track to the b-sides, their entire discography is about them trying to achieve their dreams and their personal struggles to achieve it.

“Ateez” is known for their stage presence. People like them mostly because of their intense, energetic, and powerful performances. Everyone in the group has the ability to own the stage and catch people’s attention with their own individual styles of dance. Furthermore, I enjoy watching them get deep into the performance and put a lot of energy into the dance.

The visuals for the music video is amazing. In the music video “Answer,” the set design helps to tell the story. Within each set, there’s always hidden meanings in the scenes; fans would find and make theories about it. It’s interesting to read what fans thought about the meanings.

In addition, I like how “Ateez” lets the fans vote on which song should be the title track, unlike other groups. “Ateez” has improved a lot since their debut. In comparison to their first album “Treasure EP. Fin: All to Action,” in their recent album “Zero: FEVER, Part 2,” the members have become more confident in their abilities to dance and sing.

I recommend that everyone should join in and support the group and listen to their music.