GSA Builds Community


Quinn Pedrick

Members of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) work on writing three facts about themselves during an icebreaker at the first meeting on September 7th.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

The Gay Straight Aliance (GSA) club held their first general meeting of the school year on September 7th.

During the first meeting, members participated in icebreaker activities where they learned each other’s names as well as some of their favorite hobbies. The club provides a community for students to connect with each other through their similarities and differences in a respectful and friendly way.

“A highlight of this meeting was probably getting to know new people because… [we often] have something in common, so it’s a cool thing that we bond over,” Kanisha Harrell said. “I joined the club because…I like fighting for other groups that don’t get all the attention they deserve, so I felt like GSA was a really cool thing [to do that for].”

The students spent over an hour socializing and communicating both their interests and general personalities with elated conversations on a multitude of topics. The conversations and activities that elicited the friendliness were led by Adviser Briana Richardson.

“I feel really good about the group of students,” Richardson said. “It’s a really interactive, friendly group, and I feel like it’s going to be good.”

GSA aims to provide students with a community at school, and Richardson hopes to build that safe community with the members.

“My main focus is inclusivity and education,” Richardson said, “making sure that everybody in the club feels accepted and that they feel like this is a safe place for them to be themselves without judgement.”