Football Wins First Game of the Season


Kaylani Rodrigues

The football team plays against Cadence High School for a win of 51-0 on September 10. The team won their first game of the season and hope to carry on their victory to the homecoming game against Western on September 24.

EV Thurgood, Features Editor

Valley’s football team had their first win of the season, scoring 51 to 0 against Cadence High School on Friday, September 10.

This was the second home game of the season, and all of the team’s players were excited, taking this energy into their next game against Western High School, which is the homecoming game.

“For our next game I feel like we can beat this team,” Wide Receiver Tarrell Mack-Lovely said. “We are stronger, faster, and I know we can out work Western’s team.”

With the win echoing behind them like a shot signaling the start of a race, the team is sprinting toward their next game still working on improving their skills.

“I felt like we did good in the last game, but I also think we can work on [improving] our tackles and our blocking,” Mack-Lovely said.

Everyone at Valley cheers for the team, many of them wishing the team luck for the rest of the season.

“Last week’s game was amazing in front of the home crowd,” Head Coach Quincy Burts said. “Good to get a win!”