Cross Country Competes at Veterans Memorial


Quinn Pedrick

Senior Kevin Vargas crosses the finish line during a five kilometer race on September 11. The team competed against multiple schools in the county, and while no Valley runner won a race, the girls are now ranked third in the division and region.

Lisa Norris, Reporter

The Cross Country team competed in a meet at Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City on September 11.

In honor of September 11th, the event started with the national anthem before the race began, followed by a nine-minute silent commemoration for the fallen victims of 9/11. The team faced over ten different schools, including American Heritage Academy, Amplus Academy HS, Bonanza, Boulder City, Cheyenne, and more. Valley’s Cross Country team didn’t win, but that didn’t stop the team from trying. Coach Sergio Segura admits that despite the loss, the team did achieve with determination.

“What stood out the most was the courage our runners displayed during their race,” Segura said. “Most of our runners just began practicing three to four weeks ago, so for them to complete the race was a great achievement.”

Segura also said that the girls on the team succeeded in the rankings.

“This time, we did not have runners win their races,” Segura said. “However, after their first race, the girls are ranked third in their division and region.”

Senior Captain Yatziry Gallegos Urrutia explained that all schools within Clark County, including some out of state schools, competed against each other. The Valley girls competed in group Varsity A while the boys competed in Varsity B.

Due to COVID-19, this meeting was the first for the team since 2019. Each student was excited to participate and improve their skills for other races.

“What stood out the most for me was the adrenaline and excitement in our team’s faces,” Gallegos said. “[There was] the joy of supporting each other during our races once again. It was a great start of the season not only for myself but for the rest of the team, including new runners. I’m not exactly where I want to be just yet. There’s lots of improvements to make, but we will eventually get there!”