Boys Soccer Team Takes The Win


Quinn Pedrick

Gael Mejia (11) kicks the ball back into play after Desert Pines kicks it out of bounds. The team won the game 4-1 on September 14th.

Bemo Miller, Reporter

The boys soccer team played against Desert Pines High School on September 14th.

Valley boys won the game with a final score of 4-1. Head Coach Christian Alvarez found that the team has improved from the games they have played previously.

“[I] saw a lot of improvements from our last game: the boys were able to control the ball, pass, and communicate more on the field,” Alvarez said. “Ultimately [they] put more in the back of the goal. I want to see better defense transitioning to offense.”

There were a few players in this game that stood out to Alvarez because of the effort they put into making the goals they got. Santiago Martinez and Francisco Duran both scored goals in the game.

“In my opinion, the game went how we wanted to play, we played our game, we double teamed…we passed the ball around, [and] we communicated,” Martinez said, “even though in the middle we had struggles.”

Jonathan Vargas Barrientos (13) defends the ball from the Desert Pines opponent during the game on September 14th. (Quinn Pedrick)

Martinez explained how making that goal had given the team more motivation to beat Desert Pines and win the game.

“We had more motivation, we wanted to blow that team out,” Martinez stated. “Our goalie lost his voice because he was yelling at us; we need to work on that. We were just quiet.”

The team had more motivation to make the goals they needed to win. Duran made two of the four goals for his team.

“It felt amazing [to make the goals] especially after celebrating with my teammates,” Duran said.

Duran said that for the team to improve they need to practice passing the ball and each individual not running as much.

“I got tired pretty fast,” Duran said, “because all I did was run, instead of [passing] to each other.”