Girls Soccer Loses First Game


Liliana Lopez

Kimberly Rivera (12) runs with the ball toward the goal during a home game on September 9th against Western High School.

Jocelyn Incez, Reporter

The girls soccer team lost the game against Western Highschool.

This is the beginning of the soccer season, and the team has plans to be better prepared. While the loss has shaken them, they will recover as both the coach and players have high hopes for the coming season.

“It was a lot of fun,” Head Coach Nicholas Booker said. “There was frustration from mistakes being made, but there [are] a lot of opportunities to improve.”

The soccer team feels the same way. Even if they had a bad start, the team is still happy to be playing again.

“It feels really good to be back and playing again especially since COVID had stopped everything,” Nataly Barrios said.

Going forward, there are plans to help the team work better together as well as helping them gain confidence in their abilities.

“I think the biggest thing that could have helped us win is our confidence,” Booker said. “Some of the players were nervous, and it caused them to hesitate.”

Backed by his team, the students plan to improve for a better game to come.

“I think what could help the team win is making sure we are all working together and not be afraid of the other team,” Barrios said.

Players continue to strive for better in their practices, keeping spirits high.

“The person who inspires me to play soccer is seeing people in colleges like UCLA play,” Barrios said. “They give me motivation and inspire me to play in future.”