Mendoza, Salgado Take-On Valley’s Tech



Anna Salgado works with technology for Valley as she has for the past four years. Each year she looked forward to helping the community at the school.

EV Thurgood, Features Editor

Melody Mendoza and Anna Salgado work as Valley’s main, and sometimes only, technicians.

Coming back from distance education, technology has become such an integral part of schooling that it’s hard to imagine what it would be like without the technical support from Mendoza and Salgado. Especially considering that whenever students and teachers have problems with malfunctioning devices, they step in to help.

“I wanted to work in tech, and I got to learn from Ms. Anna,” Mendoza said. “My favorite part is actually working with technology and being able to help people, [such as] teachers with their tech, just helping the school run a little smoother.”

Student Joshua Carrizalez has assisted Mendoza and Salgado before, and has personal experience of what it’s like behind the scenes of these repairs. He also knows what it takes to do these jobs for Valley’s tech team.

“Ms. Anna is a really kind and patient person who occasionally likes to joke around, but … still gets the task done. Ms. Melody is also really patient and is willing to give you ideas to increase your work ethic,” Joshua Carrizales said. “Overall, if I could work with them for the rest of the year, I would. Helping others without being asked to is something you learn and take with you.”

Her first year working at Valley, Melody Mendoza enjoys engaging with students and learning more about technology from Salgado. (EV Thurgood)

Carrizalez helps out both Salgado and Mendoza outside of his classes, because he knows the level of work and dedication their job takes. Each student and each teacher has different needs and problems, and with only two people doing it, the stress adds up.

“There were also many problems with the devices themselves; some have the screens cracked, others with water on the inside and some where the keys were missing and the power bar half way off,” Carrizales said. “Sometimes there’s just nothing that can be done except putting it away and focusing on the next [project].”

The tech team has to attend to every student, teacher, and classroom at Valley, but this means that every day they have new problems and meet new people; each day is a new adventure.

“I have always been interested in using technology tools in the teaching and learning field,”
Salgado said. “I enjoy helping teachers and students with their technology needs and love the challenge of always learning new things and keeping up with the newest trends in the tech world. My job is never boring; every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to grow and improve….I love the community and the very supportive school culture we have at Valley.”