”The Kiss Bet” Becomes More Than a Bet

Galilea Marquez, Reporter

”The Kiss Bet” used the bet trope to its advantage for developing a narrative with more dimension. It was able to demonstrate that this trope could be built into expanding its characters.

”The Kiss Bet” is a teen romance Webtoon written and illustrated by Ingrid Ochoa. The series so far has two seasons with an upcoming season arriving soon. Viewers follow Sara in her senior year of high school as she navigates complicated romances and academic troubles. The story begins when Patrick, her best friend, bets her to kiss a person in the same subway station as them. She accepts this challenge by asking the stranger for a kiss; however, he becomes irritatedly hostile and walks off. We then discover he goes to the same school and the story progresses into Sara’s journey.

As the artist’s first Webtoon, viewers are able to see the art continue to improve and create its own unique style. The round and soft edges allow bubbly appearances that accentuate their eyes and give chararer’s their identifiable portraits. Each design highlights aspects of their personality and transforms them into believable people anyone would encounter in real-life. The color palette consists mainly of blues with hints of pastel colors and colored backgrounds.

A huge aspect in the beginning was the bet created in the first episode. Through the story, viewers discover how this one action affects Sara’s life and the people around her. The inclusion of the bet trope did not receive limitations, rather it was able to grow the narrative. Early on it moves away from this concept and turns into a character-driven story by introspecting the people surrounding Sara. Viewers learn about Oliver, the person in the subway, family struggles that impact his personality and his relationship with his brother. Additionally, the story shares the stresses and frustrations of school and displays solutions.

”The Kiss Bet,” provided sweet comfort through a delightful tale. The Webtoon would be enjoyable for readers who prefer simpler, adorable teenage stories.