Homecoming Tailgate Raises Spirits


Kaylani Rodrigues

Students dance during the homecoming tailgate prior to the football game against Western High School.

Jocelyn Incez, Reporter

Prior to the start of the homecoming football game, Student Council hosted a tailgate for students to socialize and clubs to raise money.

After not being able to have a homecoming football game let alone the tailgate for two years, students were excited to participate in the school-spirit-packed events.

“The most fun part about the tailgate is being able to spend time with my friends,” Julian Guinto said. “It’s like meeting them all over again!”

Multiple clubs we’re selling food, drinks, and other items, such as face paint or glow sticks for those who came.

“I think this will be good for [all] the clubs,” Geraldine Abella said. “I think it’s [a lot] of fun [for everyone]!”

Students believe that the tailgate and events like it will help with school spirit and help clubs become more well known.

“You have different types of clubs [hanging out] and getting people [excited],” Guinto said.

The hour and a half event gave an opportunity for students to have fun with their friends by eating food, talking, and dancing to music the program Latinos In Action kept playing throughout the event.

“[The tailgate had] good music, good food, [and] good people.” Carmin Orozco-Rios said.