Homecoming Dance Overcomes Protocols


Kaylani Rodrigues

Students form a conga line and walk throughout the quad. Other students joined the line as their peers dance-walked past them.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Managing Editor

This year’s homecoming dance was held in the courtyard on Saturday, September 25th.

The theme was Vogue Vegas, and students lined up outside of the school, dancing and taking pictures for their first dance since returning to in-person school.

“I came to the dance this year as a ‘kick off’ for my senior year, “ senior Alexis Creayla said. “This was the only time where it felt like high school was processing. Besides attending games and the tailgate, this was one of those ‘memories’ I needed to experience before it went away, since this is my last ‘homecoming’ [dance].”

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the dance was in the courtyard instead of the cafeteria this year. Many students found it to be less than ideal but necessary.

Seniors Ernesto Sunga and Marcus McGruder sport their homecoming outfits. They worked up a sweat as they danced with their friends. (Kaylani Rodrigues)

“I thought that the dance turned out the best it could’ve following COVID protocols,” senior Edelin Cruz said. “It’s much better when it’s inside the cafeteria, but I understand that wasn’t possible because of COVID, but it was still amazing!”

The homecoming dance was one of the multiple events for homecoming weekend. It was an opportunity for Valley students to have fun and get back to the normal high school activities.

“Overall, I just loved seeing things getting slowly back to normal since the pandemic,” senior Myia Lowe said.

Students laughed and danced the night away, enjoying the DJ and the company of their peers.

“StuCo and faculty did a great job planning this out,” Creayla said. “The DJ was outstanding, the only downfall was the heat, but we all sweat at the end of the night.”