Cross Country Charges Across The Trail

Bemo Miller, Reporter

Cross Country had a meet at Foothill High School on September 25th.

Playing against 31 other schools, Valley did not bring home the win; however, Head Coach Sergio Segura is certain that the team did well overall, stating that both the boys and girls have been making major improvements to the way they compete.

“Our team ran well,” Segura said. “The girls improved their times on average by three minutes. The boys improved their times on average by four minutes. Our girls are ranked 4th in conference and in region. The boys have a very young team. They are all first year runners and already are making huge improvements.”

Segura states that the weather being nice helped their running times improve as well, saying that the earlier they ran the better the weather was.

“The weather was very nice, in the mid 80’s when our runners competed,” Segura said. “We were privileged to have raced at 7am. Having cooler weather helped our runners improve their times.”

Some runners managed to improve on their running times, one of those runners being Captain Yatziry Gallegos.

“On the girls’ side, Yatziry Gallegos finished first from our team, improving her time from her last race by a minute and 23 seconds,” Segura said.

Gallegos reached one of her self set goal times during the meet but still states some improvements that she intends to make/work on before the next meet.

“I was able to obtain a personal record of a whole minute, I couldn’t be happier,” Gallegos said. “There is always room for improvement, I [will] definitely be working on my stride towards the end of the race and try to avoid the feeling [of] wanting to throw-up.”

One of the biggest struggles for Gallegos was the physical strength needed to get to the end and being able to deal with the pain the body endures.

“Being a runner comes with lots of obstacles; part of this comes from the physical pain one learns to overcome over time,” Gallegos said. “It was during the second mile of the race where things started to speed up; I surprisingly didn’t feel as exhausted as past races and felt as if I could keep running forever.”

Runner Emmely Carranza-Barboza’s major strength was being able to keep running at a pace she was comfortable with.

“A major strength that I had in this meet was being able to keep myself going at [a] consistent pace,” Carranza-Barboza said. “It feels good to do something like that even when you want to stop and take a break.”

Carranza-Barboza believes that the team will always need improvements as well as herself needing to work on her own skill sets.

“Something I think I can improve on before the next meet is pacing myself,” Carranza-Barboza said. “Someone I managed to work well with on the team is our captain, Yatziry. Being able to run with someone who believes in you and someone who will better you is the best to work with.”