Tennis Team Faces Trials and Tribulations

EV Thurgood, Features Editor

Valley High School’s boys and girls tennis team had multiple away-game matches last week against Chaparral High School.

Valley participated in multiple singles and doubles matches on September 21.

“I definitely feel like I could have performed better, but there were mistakes made, and I’m definitely trying to learn from them,” junior Leo Fernandez said.

Fernandez is looking forward to playing more games and getting to improve his skills. He started off as a doubles competitor and moved on to singles as he got used to the game.

“I would like to stay as singles because it shows my effort into how much I put into tennis,” Leo Fernandez said. “In doubles, it’s definitely more teamwork, but in singles, it’s definitely more work.”

Coming up on their match on September 24, Fernandez is getting ready for another singles match. Another player, Marie Rodriguez Almeida, typically plays doubles, but they unfortunately lost their Tuesday game.

“But we were very close,” Rodriguez Almeida said. “I think the mental game for all the team is hard because we just give up if we are doing bad, but I… wish everybody would keep a good mindset.”

Moving forward, Almeida wants to try to be more positive because a loss just means that there is more to learn, and that players can come back as stronger competitors in the future.

“Next game,” Rodriguez Almeida said, “I’m going to try to keep everybody motivated.”