SOT Discusses Budget Plans


Quinn Pedrick

Principal Kimberly Perry-Carter with the assistance of Assistant Principal Philip Marsh discuss the school budget with the School Organizational Team. The meeting was held on September 27, and included conversations about how the school’s money could be used to better the behavior of students and quality of the school.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

The School Organizational Team held a meeting on September 27 to discuss the school’s budget.

The budget has yet to be approved by the higher-ups within CCSD, but the funding entails multiple improvements to the school physically and socially.

Some of the special projects they hope to be able to do through utilizing the budget is funding educational programs like ACT Prep Academy, credit retrieval, summer school, and tutoring as well as getting physical resources like technology, classroom furniture (desks, chairs, etc.), and a water filling station. Parts of the budget will also be reserved for paying substitute teachers and teachers who put in after-hours work.

The administration also hopes to be able to have school improvements like taking care of the soccer field or getting air conditioning in the auxiliary gym. The school is currently in the process of receiving and installing new security cameras across the school as well as looking into getting another in-house teacher for the program to better regulate recent behavioral events.

The next meeting in October will introduce newly elected SOT members.