Colleges Provide Information for Students’ New Beginnings

Lisa Norris, Reporter

University of Nevada, Reno; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Nevada State College, and Southern Utah University visited Valley on September 27th – 30th for high school juniors and seniors to take in college opportunities.

Anyone could have attended the meetings held in the library for students to visit freely, and the third meeting of the week was hosted by Associate Director of Recruitment at Nevada State College Charles Buckner, who supervises the recruitment process of high school students for NSC.

“[During the meeting] students will learn about Nevada State College: how dynamic our campus is, the buildings, the resources, and the scholarships we offer, including how to apply,” Buckner said.

Buckner explained in detail the education options as well as housing options for those choosing to live on campus. The overall objective was to inform students about NSC to provide a college to consider as they think about the right college for them.

The meetings were open to all juniors and seniors with a target of the seniors since they can start applying for fall 2022. A majority of the questions revolved around the application process; how long it will take to apply then receive results as well as the requirements to apply.

“Our application is open now at, and I will also set up an application workshop to come back in the next two weeks,” Buckner said. “[The] application is straightforward; it takes about ten minutes to fifteen minutes to complete, and then I can receive your transcripts from your counselor. And that’s it: a two-step process.”

Southern Utah University also held an informational recruitment meeting, hosted by an admission counselor from the university, Andrea Martinez.

“[In the meeting], students will learn about the programs we have to offer at Southern Utah University,” Martinez said. “[Information we will provide include] the job placement rates that we have, which are great – we have an 87 percent job placement campus-wide, no matter which major you choose. They’ll also learn about our academic scholarships, our housing, and just how much fun it is at our school.”

Martinez explained the academic and financial requirements to attend SUU, including the GPA requirement of 2.7 and how scholarships are possible with a GPA of 2.8. There will be no fees required until the enrollment process further down the road, so no immediate financial worries. Martinez also addressed the application process specific to the school.

“It’s extremely fast and simple to apply,” Martinez said. “This year we decided to make it free for all applicants. Just scanning the QR code on the back of our handouts and our applications takes about five minutes, and it’s just simple information that the applicant [provides] on the application.”

Typically, junior year is when a student starts preparing for college, and senior year is when it is time to start applying to different colleges. Junior Daya Yossif studied her choices to make the best decision for her academic future during these college visits.

“I showed up to the meeting to learn about the school,” Yossif said. “I didn’t know anything about it, so I was interested in seeing what the school was about.”

Yossif admits that she enjoys searching for different colleges and universities that provide what she’s looking for, which is essential to her.

“I will study biology because I want to go into the medical field,” Yossif said. “I did enjoy this meeting because of how interactive and informative it was.”