Drama Club Starts Slow


Isabella Medina

Drama Club Adviser Kyle Mangels and Enzi Thompson perform on stage improvising a spelling bee.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

On October 1st, the first meeting of Drama Club took place in the new theater after school where students met and played a few games on stage.

While students had different expectations, the overall experience was enjoyable for some students.

“I actually felt really excited and happy during drama club,” student Gebriel Garcia said. “I just wish that there were more people there to actually participate and just to get the word out. And I just wish that there was more exploration on the whole drama club itself, but overall it was well.”

Throughout the first meeting, the members were active despite there being few people to participate, and they played a few improv games where they acted without a script. Although the first meeting was underwhelming, the club expected more people to come.

“I felt very uneasy, very unassuming; I didn’t quite like how it wasn’t what I expected it to be,” Enzi Thompson said “[I expected] more people, a lot more games, just like a better planned out day.”

Members of the drama club, according to theater teacher Kyle Mangels, hope to have new people come around and join in more activities, such as do small performances and even take a tour of the theater. If there’s any students who are interested in theater and into learning more about it, drama club is a good place to be. Drama club is on each Friday at 2:30 in the new theater.

“If anyone’s interested in performing or the more backstage aspect of theater, they don’t have the time to come into our regular rehearsals and participate in our production, drama club [is a] really good middle ground,” Mangels said. “It’s just one day a week. You don’t have to come every week, and you can just come and hang out with theater kids and learn more about theater.”