CCSD Partners With City for Student Transportation


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Some students bus routes will change from CCSD to RTC on Monday. All students and parents should check their emails.

Quinn Pedrick, Editor-in-Chief

Effective October 11, specific students on certain routes and stops will be taking the city bus to and from school due to a lack of CCSD bus drivers.

After weeks of student buses being late to pick them up at their stop or waiting for their bus after school, CCSD has made a partnership with the Regional Transportation Commission of Nevada to provide a source of transportation for students who take routes or stops that will be eliminated from CCSD routes.

“I do want to inform [students] that there were two parent links sent out informing those students, so we need almost 500 students to check their email, check their parents’ email, complete the survey, then download the app,” Assistant Principal Terrence Simmons said.

It is very important that any student taking the bus is aware of their route and stop and any possible changes being made. Simmons welcomes students to contact him in his office to clarify their individual situation. Using public transportation will be a long term solution for Valley and CCSD while the district is currently short 200 bus drivers.

“I’ve been over transportation since the beginning [of working at Valley], and it’s heartbreaking,” Simmons said. “Even now, today 10/6 at 3:39, three buses have not arrived [at] the school yet… [The partnership] is a solution so our students have opportunities.”