Black Magic, a Perfect Ink for Inktober

Isabella Medina, Reporter

There are many types of mediums used in art and Inktober is now on its way. Ink is one of the main mediums used during Inktober by many artists everywhere for this event. There’s one ink I found that is both adaptable and pretty interesting to use, called Black Magic.

Black Magic ink is ink made by Higgins. It can be found at any local Michaels or online, which can be pretty cheap. It can change from a dark black, almost to an Indian ink color to a light pale gray, since it’s water-soluble, which means it dilutes when it’s mixed with water, which makes it into a lighter value, and it’s both waterproof and fade proof, which can be good for outlining and line art.

I personally think it’s great ink; I’ve never used ink before, especially for a main medium in art, so it was new to me. I liked that I could use it with both a dip pen I made or with a paintbrush to cover the paper quicker with ink. On the box, it talks about what it can do and what can be used for the ink and gives instructions on how to use it. Another thing I enjoyed about this ink was the dilution and value capability.

Day one of Inktober was completed by Isabella Medina (Aizu/Le Paon Azure) with the Black Magic ink. She drew Yuki-Onna inspired by the first prompt for Inktober: “Crystal.” (Isabella Medina)

Even though in the bottle it may seem like just plain black ink, there’s more to it; the more water added or mixed to the ink, the lighter it gets. With one drop of water, the ink turns into a dark grey, but with a small drop of ink into water, it will be a super light grey because of its water solubility.

Black Magic reminds me of watercolor based in it’s solubility with water. There’s only one black color, instead of other colors, and since I like using color, it’s a bit of a bummer. Although it’s a good ink to make line art, once it’s dry it doesn’t fade, and it’s water-resistant, so once it’s dry on paper, it doesn’t feather out on the paper, like a fine liner.

I recommend this to any artist who wants a cheap ink and wants a new medium for Inktober. It’s pretty cheap, so it can easily be bought. So for any artist who wants a new cheap art supply for Inktober and the spooky season, Black Magic is a suitable ink.