Valley Book Recommendations


from Harper Collins Publishers

Eathan Tranate, Staff

At Valley High School there is a huge selection of books at the library but not many know of a good book to read.

Anyone can give a good book recommendation. It’s easy enough.

Here are a few recommendations of books that the Valley Vikings recommend to read.

Mr. Kelley works in the library and highly recommends the Tom Clancy series saying it’s an “action packed book with a lot happening,” specifically including the stars. It’s an action fiction novel that has a series on HULU.

Isabella Medina, a student recommends The Messenger by Lois Lowry, which is a novel of utopian fiction.

She says, “it’s by finding oneself,” in the same series of The Giver that has a directed movie by Philip Noyce.

Mrs. Pedrick, a Viking teacher, recommends The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, a fiction novel that is very relatable in today’s society.

She also says it is about “finding one’s voice in a society that is trying to oppress it.”

Those are a few book recommendations that are at the Valley library.