Gordon Ramsay Burger, A Disappointing Desire


Bemo Miller

Gordon Ramsey Burger’s Backyard Burger fresh out of the kitchen.

Bemo Miller, Reporter

After eating at Gordon Ramsay Burger for the first time a few weeks ago, the popular backyard burger is what’s on the table. I enjoyed eating there, but in all honesty, my food was disappointing. Overall, the dining experience was alright, but I couldn’t go so far as to say I would go back.

The Backyard Burger is an average burger, holding all the same ingredients from most other restaurants. The burger contains butter, lettuce, tomato, beef patty, cheese, red onions, and pickles.

I believe that this restaurant is not worth the trip, simply because the temperature on my burger was completely wrong. I asked for a medium-well burger; however, when I bit into my food, it was medium rare. Undercooked meat is an extreme turn off when I’m trying to eat, so instantly I knew that I wouldn’t be enjoying this burger much. It was as though only the edge of my burger had been cooked.

Another reason I can’t find myself returning is because the flavor pallet on the food was all wrong. Going there for a burger, I walked in with expectations of something savory. To my surprise, when I bit into the burger it was sweet; there were bread and butter pickles on the burger. On the menu, there was no warning that the pickles would be sweet, or that their flavor would overpower the rest of the burger.

Gordon Ramsay’s Burger has some amazing food; however, a place like Freddy’s Frozen Custard I would have to say is better. Their burgers have specifically listed ingredients as well as the steak burger patties are thinner and much harder to undercook. The flavor pallet of Ramsay’s burger is overly sweet as Freddy’s burger had that savory dinner taste that I go for when I order a burger. Another comparable feature is the size portions of the burgers. Freddy’s is more proportionate to an average amount of food, as Ramsay’s burger was larger and hard to bite.

Overall, I would rate this experience at a four or five out of ten. I can not say that I would want to go back to this restaurant because of the way the food turned out. The service was exceptional, but the waiter didn’t let me take my full order without interrupting me, and that was extremely unpleasant. I would not recommend going here to anyone, at least if they were going to try that specific burger.