Venom Amuses Audience

Jocelyn Incez, Reporter

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is a fun and anti-hero movie; it was a rollercoaster of action and comedy with a bit of horror movie elements added in. Overall, for a sequel, it met the standard the original had set for what a “Venom” movie could be.

The movie was filled with very exciting action scenes as well as interesting lore filled scenes. Viewers got to see a new take on Cletus Kassady, the main villain, and his origin story. Just like the first movie, this one was able to be an interesting anti-hero story without a true hero character. Though the story was adapted from multiple comic and cartoon versions, the story was still completely something new for casual viewers and long time fans.

I enjoyed the movie because it was a nice blend of comedy and superhero action. Something moviegoers don’t get in superhero movies often is humor and silliness; getting to laugh and feel the emotions of the characters was a fresh experience. The trailers show the audience that this movie is going to be a fun ride, having silly scenes between different characters and their environment. Eddie housing chickens in his home or having Venom make breakfast while attempting to sing was a nice touch to the movie to remind viewers that the characters are in a very weird situation with one another.

Another reason I enjoyed the movie was because of the acting and how well the characters were portrayed. Having Tom Hardy play Eddie Brock was an amazing choice from the first movie, and moving into the second movie he nailed the character that much more. Woody Harrelson was a great choice to play Cletus Kassady; his portrayal of the character was exactly how a comic fan would expect Cletus to be. For casual viewers he definitely had a creepy and sinister feeling to it that helped enhance the horror aspect of the movie. There was no better choice for the character. Both actors bounce really well off one another in terms of the duality of serious and comedic scenes.

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is just an enjoyable movie to sit back and watch. It isn’t a movie that people have to watch for small clues, too, but rather something to have fun with. It is much like the new “Suicide Squad” (2020) where it doesn’t care much about telling a story that will span a long time but instead having fun with the characters. Both movies give watchers a simple storyline, but they are both fun and the movie is not ruined by the simplicity of the story.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch a fun comic book movie. It is amusing and lighthearted when it needs to be, and knows when to get serious but never drags on too long for the viewers to get bored. It is definitely worth watching with friends and family for a relaxing time out. I will most definitely be watching this movie again.