Mader Commits to Gettysburg College


Credited to Lily Mader

Lily Mader is excited to go to Gettysburg College to continue her love and journey with sports.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Senior Lily Mader, a softball player, received a scholarship to go to Gettysburg college for her outstanding efforts and for her passion in sports and softball through her years and plans to follow a road pursuing her passion.

“I’m just excited for the college experience,” Mader said. “I want to get the best grades I can in college.”

Mader plans to study business under the Business Organization Society program during her time there.

“I want to work in Major League Baseball; I don’t plan on playing softball forever. I just want to work in baseball after I graduate,” Mader said.

Since she was young she has had a passion for sports and finds this opportunity very important to her for the road she plans to take in the future.

“I started playing sports around ten years ago. I was just bored and curious as a kid, so it was kind of like an outlet to have something to do everyday,” Mader said. “[This opportunity is] very important to me, and it’s just like validating that I have gotten to the next step, and I’m not so worried about where I’m going to be able to go because now I know and now I feel good about it.”