Students Attend College Fairs


EV Thurgood

Moira Bellamy excitedly answers students questions about Northern Arizona University.

EV Thurgood, Features Editor

Creighton, Vanguard, and Northern Arizona University each had representatives of their schools come to speak to Valley students.

Students were invited to room 230 to see the presentations from and talk to the student success coordinators from each college. These representatives are employed by the colleges, and they travel to different high schools to help future students.

“[The best part of my job is] meeting with the student and answering their questions; being back in person is really nice because you get to have those conversations with students and you get to see their eyes light up when they’re talking about something that is exciting for them and they ‘re passionate about,” Moira Bellamy said.

Bellamy is employed by Northern Arizona University, where she goes to high schools all across the state of Nevada.

“We give presentations on campus; we’ll do tours on campus,” Bellamy said. “I work specifically with the students from the state of Nevada, so just answering any questions students have, going to high school visits [and] going to college fairs. That’s kind of the majority of it, just making sure if anyone has questions they get them answered.”

Students who have applied, or are thinking about applying, attend these college fairs and talk to people like Bellamy and make sure that this college is right for them and learn necessary information.

“[I went to the college fairs] mostly because I was looking at these colleges ahead of time,” Brisa Lopez Lira said. “I want to major in psychology so I saw that they have psychology programs, and I was just interested in taking a closer look.”

Juniors and seniors alike attempt to gain as much as possible from these interactions, going the extra mile for their futures.

“Absolutely[I learned something from this experience]!” Diether Abenoja said. “I learned a lot so far, from this college and from many other [colleges].”