Latinos in Action and Mariachi Celebrate Day of the Dead


Isabella Medina

Students of both Latinos in Action and Mariachi walk to the new theater with the Mariachi band singing a song with the flag leading the way.

Isabella Medina, Reporter

Latinos in Action (LIA) and Mariachi celebrate Day of the Dead during both lunches outside the new theatre on November 2nd.

During the event, Mariachi played music for both lunches while students could get their hands sprayed with the design of bones to celebrate this holiday that is important to Latino culture.

“It’s excellent; I think it’s something that we need to have at Valley High school to bring our [Hispanic] culture to the school,” LIA Adviser Gustavo Oseguera said. “It’s very important that we celebrate those days of Hispanic culture.”

Day of the Dead is an Hispanic holiday that honors those who have moved on from the living world that is celebrated the first two days of November.

“I’m really excited that we are able to come together and have this celebration,” Oseguera said. “It’s really important to our community, and I feel that our students need to have this.”

This year the celebration was different compared to other celebrations because for the past year, everything had to go virtual for the pandemic that was occurring during that time, but now that things are more open, the celebration was able to be in person.

“I don’t celebrate the day of the dead with my family, so being able to celebrate it more often now is really nice,” senior Alejandra Escobar said. “This year I hoped it would be different since we didn’t get to perform it last year [due to the pandemic].”