Draper Relocates To Las Vegas to Become SSC


Bemo Miller

Student Success Coordinator Keturah Draper stands at the top of the ramp interacting with students in the hallways during first lunch.

Bemo Miller, Reporter

Draper is one of Valley’s first-year Student Success Coordinators, having started in July 2021; however, she’s been in education for 25 years.

Draper moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Las Vegas in the beginning of the school year, but she still has a daughter graduating this year from a high school in Baltimore.

“I have [two kids] of my own. My son is 21, and my daughter is 17,” Draper said. “[My daughter] is still in Baltimore, so she can finish out her senior year.”

Aside from loving her children as well as the children here at the school, Draper also mentions that she has some interesting hobbies, some that may have developed only when she had moved to Las Vegas.

“I like to shop, I [also] like to go out and visit museums and things [similar] to that.” Draper said, “… and now that I’m in Vegas, I like the slot machines!”

Draper also made it clear that she enjoys her job and that one of her favorite things to do around the school is to help out the kids.

“I have [been enjoying my time here], I will have to say.” Draper said. “I really enjoy the students.”