Marching Band Earns Second Place


Kaylani Rodrigues

The Marching Band performs their set at the annual Tournament on the Turf. This event took place on Clark High School’s football field.

Kaylani Rodrigues, Managing Editor

Valley’s Marching Band attended the annual Tournament on the Turf at Clark High School on October 28th, securing second place in their division.

The Marching Band has attended this tournament in previous years, but this is their first tournament since coming back to school.

“It’s pretty fantastic…considering we haven’t been to a competition in over two years,” Drum Major Matthew Williams said. “For us to get the place we did and [have] all these marchers that are brand new, at least half the band is brand new, [and has] never marched before even the sophomores. So for us to get that high of a placement and especially considering we’re a Title I school, that’s amazing.”

When the band arrived at Clark High School they were directed to their warm up area to practice before their performance. They were then greeted by bands from other schools.

Marching Band and Color Guard leaders step up to collect awards. Valley placed second place in their division. (Kaylani Rodrigues)

“Walking to the warm-up area was the coolest part [apart] from learning that we earned second place [and] getting to see other bands,” Williams said. “[It] was so refreshing because we haven’t seen another band in two years, let alone heard another band. It was so cool to walk into that area and see all these bands clapping for us as it’s customary when you get ready to warm up.”

After warming up, the Marching Band performed on the football field. Shortly after, they were awarded second place in their division.

“I’m really stoked about [how we placed] because we took fifth place the last time we went to that tournament and now we bumped up to second, so we’re really improving,” Flutist Jetta Leatherwood said.

Based on how they placed, the Marching Band attended a second tournament on November 6th.

“The outcome was very desirable,” Clarinetist Ken Cotton said. “For our first tournament, we were given corrections and ways we could improve. Many of us took those corrections and tried our hardest. We ended up getting away with 6th overall and our score ended up being the highest Valley has ever gotten!”